Interviews with Employees

Let us introduce to you the HML Team Members

Here you can find out what our employees are doing and thinking about their work and life at HML.

Our first interviewee is Jennifer Ojakovo - an intelligent and brave woman

Jennifer, what is your background and where do you come from?
My education is Mechanical Engineering with focus on Thermofluids. I come from Nigeria.

How long have you worked at HML and what are your main tasks?
I have worked at HML for about 2 and a half years. I manage construction and interior fit out projects. I support my clients in developing a business case, technical lease negotiations and project cost estimation. I am responsible to plan, coordinate and lead in the execution of the project.

What have been your main accomplishments at HML?
The role of any Project Manager is to actualize the idea of a typical client, within the constraints of their budget, time and defined quality. In terms of career, it would be the positive outcomes of my clients conceptual idea and contributing to their growth of their corporate strategy. Personally, it would be more experience in people management.

What have been your main challenges in the projects and where do you feel you have gained a lot for your professional development?
Typical challenge of a PM is to earn the trust and cooperation of their team and client. Surpassing this challenge depends on one’s leadership style or rather a blend of different options depending on the situations. Through this past year I have understood better how projects must fit into the overall corporate plan of the client organization and ensuring that I guide my client in making best decisions that ultimately contribute to their working efficiency and profitability.

What do you like most about HML?
Happy atmosphere and good opportunities for employees to choose their career path under the guide and mentorship of experienced persons of the team.

How do you see the cultural versatility at HML?
At HML, we are inclusive! Our diversity makes for a perfect blend of a strong team.