Project Management

Modern sophisticated client organisations demand a more integrated and effective approach to the management of their projects. No longer is the requirement limited to the completion of projects on time, within budget and with the requisite quality and functionality, clients are now also seeking risk mitigation and certainty.


HML provides the highest standards of project management. We achieve this by utilising our world-wide specialist resources, experties and extensive experience. We believe we can provide the breadth of vision to plan and control every aspect of the project management process from concept definition to project delivery to operations and maintenance and, where appropriate, decommissioning.

From the provision of single project managers to multi-skilled teams across a variety of markets, HML also offers programme management for the achievement of a common objective through the delivery of multiple projects.

Our client’s projects range from small single appointments to the roll out of significant programmes for large blue chip organisations as part of their strategic planning.

Quantity Surveying/Cost Consultancy

Project cost estimates. Budgetary and detailed cost estimates are developed in accordance with client’s protocols. HML has successfully prepared cost estimates on projects ranging from the thousands to the millions in support of planning, design, construction, renovation, operation and maintenance, as well as change order negotiations and claims support.


We estimate projects at all stages, from preliminary sketches or programs, up through construction documents. The earlier in the process we are brought in, the better, since we can help an owner keep to the budget without re-design.

We work in the commercial and institutional sectors, estimating all types of buildings.

As part of our overall quest to find the best long term value, and promote sustainable contruction, we can also carry out Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Costing. We can do constructability and document completeness reviews, as well as Value Engineering.

HML offers Quantity Surveying & Cost Management services using the SMM7 British Standards.
Our Quantity Surveying team is managed by Tim Cross, (RICS Member) HML is the only PM company in Estonia to offer qualified Quantity Surveying/Cost Estimation, as a service to clients in the Baltics, Ireland & UK.

Construction Project Management

For organisations without the skilled in-house resources or expertise of an independent project manager, HML can offer invaluable input by providing client dedicated management and advice on the construction process, from inception to construction, to post-construction defect remedy. This role requires us to deliver the project on time, to budget, and with the assurance that all quality measures are met.


Once appointed, HML’s initial task as either project manager or customer representative is to gain a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and how this fits within their overall business objectives. This is then clearly documented within the agreed ‘brief’ and a detailed budget for the project is then prepared with recommendation for the most appropriate procurement for the construction, fit out, and design team appointments.

Following the appointment of the design team, the project manager will monitor progress and expenditure against the budget. The issue of regular reports will serve to identify key facts and issues, as they occur, providing advice/insights for the sole benefit the client. With the procurement method set, the project manager ensures that it is implemented during the tender process. At the conclusion of the tender process, the project manager will recommend which tender to accept, and then arrange the signing of the formal contract.

During the construction phase, the design team and contractor will be managed by the project manager, who will advise the client on construction matters. As the construction works near completion, arrangements will be made to ensure that the handover of the project to the client is handled both smoothly and efficiently.

The customer representative role encompasses a wide variety of duties such as:

Brief preparation
Business case preparation
Design management
Legal advice
Procurement of the team and the contractor
Financial management
Construction contract administration
Quality management
Health and safety management
Project controls

Contract Management

HML regularly peforms the role of contract administrator – a defined role within a building contract – undertaking all associated responsibilities.


Typical services we provide in this role include:

  • Issuing and receiving instructions in accordance with the building contract
  • Receiving all communications from and issuing all communications to the contractor, and acting upon these as appropriate
  • Certifying interim payments to be made in accordance with the contract
  • Administering and managing the change control procedures
  • Determining the contractor’s entitlement in the matter of extensions of time
  • Issuing a statement of sectional and/or practical completion to the contractor in accordance with the building contract, including schedules of defects or incomplete work
  • Certifying final account payments and release of retention
  • Carrying out inspections of the works to ensure the completion of defects at completion

Design Management

HML recognises the complexity of design development for building clients or their project teams. We can appoint a lead design manager to co-ordinate large diverse multi-disciplinary design teams to achieve a timely execution of the design.


This pivotal role starts by reaching agreement on the project brief and disseminating this information to the team, including the required outcomes, timeframe and inter relationships of the design team, as well as all stakeholders. Continued management and monitoring of the process allows us to achieve the timely production of information to meet our client requirements.

Outputs include:

  • Work breakdown structure for the project elements
  • Programmes for the tasks
  • Procedures for achieving approval
  • Collaboration tools

Project Recovery

There are many reasons why a project can go awry, be it the wrong initial approach, poorly defined objectives, or inadequate execution. Unless remedial action is taken, there is the risk that these projects will not reach an acceptable conclusion for any participating party. HML undertakes project recovery commissions to help our clients realign their projects and bring them to a successful conclusion.


Our approach normally involves a:

  • Comprehensive project review to identify existing problems, whilst anticipating and pre-empting potential threats
  • Key issue identification and prioritisation of issues, to identify actions, and target resources
  • Project reallignment with the needs of the business.

Health and Safety Advice

HML provides Health and Safety services to assist your company in complying with all the current Health and Safety laws and regulations, providing a safe working environment for your employees. We aim to reduce risk for your company, leaving you free to concentrate on your business goals.


Fire Risk Assessment
General risk assessments of buildings and offices
Manual handling risk assessment
Guidance and training on how to select and manage building contractors.

We advise and assist public and private sector clients across a wide spectrum of subjects, from licencing and regulatory compliance to corporate best practice and sustainable development.

In relation to projects, we assist clients at all stages of their projects, from pre-development planning and permitting through design and construction and throughout the operational life cycle.

Our consultants have indepth knowledge and experience of EU and other national regulatory requirements and are well equipped to assist clients with impact assessment studies, feasibility studies, compliance assistance and implementation programmes. Our core expertise lies in EHS-related project management, while our strength lies in efficient delivery of quality professional services.

Due Diligence

As part of the site evaluation process, or simply to meet corporate property acquisition policy, HML can coordinate the undertaking of technical and environmental due diligence activities appropriate to the location.


Due Diligence

Typically based on the principles of RICS, site assessments can be carried out to confirm the suitability of the greenfield or brownfield properties selected for development consideration.

Through our network of iocal specialist partners we can bring together the necessary mix of skills to carry out both desk-based and field-based investigations for the identification and evaluation of:

  • Environmental liabilities
  • Geotechnical conditions
  • Ecological constraints
  • Archaeological constraints
  • Flood and inundation risk
  • Other business continuity risk assessment

Risk management

Invariably, projects will encounter events which can affect its outcome. The prediction and prevention of these is known as risk management.


Risk factors with the greatest impact are likely to be related to the programme, finance, technical matters, planning, environment, procurement, site and third party inclusion.

HML can either control risk management in its entirety, or take responsibility for one or more of its constituents, for instance, risk workshop facilitation, risk register production and risk register management.

Tools employed include risk quantification, classification and mitigation techniques, modelled on dedicated risk management software. Once a decision has been made on how each risk is to be treated, a risk register is formed, evaluating alternative strategic options and appropriate action plans. The risk register becomes an integral part of our client’s project management process and is reviewed and updated regularly at each phase of a project to offset risks occurrence and to pre-empt any new risks.

Owner Supervisor

HML accomplishes construction project results by defining project purpose and scope; calculating resources required; establishing standards and protocols; allocating resources; scheduling and coordinating staff and sub-contractors; evaluating milestone assumptions and conclusions; resolving design problems; evaluating and implementing change orders.


We approve construction projects by conducting inspections at critical phases; obtaining approvals from buyers, and prevent fines and interruptions by complying with, and enforcing, codes. Maintaining safe, secure, and healthy work environments by following and enforcing standards, procedures and complying with legal regulations.

HML updates job knowledge by tracking and understanding emerging construction practices and standards; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.

We strive to enhance organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


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